Monday, 21 December 2015

How to Choose the Right Square Envelope Size?

Are you confused by a wide variety of envelope sizes? Choosing the correct envelope size is a challenging issue for many people. Whenever we make a birthday greeting card or bash invitation, we want to discover a lovable and a suitable size envelope to fit all of them. Envelopes come with unique flaps for various uses. Square envelopes are widely-used to promote items, invites, and other special marketing communications. Squares have a side seam development with square flaps.

Envelopes are available in all types of sizes, styles, designs, thicknesses and colors. Square envelope sizes UK may differ, significantly, as well as there's always various distinct envelope sizes that are created to be suitable for different requirements and also for special paper sizes. To give an example, C4 sizes are created to fit A4 paper sizes, although DL envelopes are designed to carry a 3-way collapsed A4 letter for more business emails and also to simply display labels and addresses.

Some recommended sizes for various purposes include:
  1. C4 Size: 324 x 229mm
  2. C5 Size: 229 x 162mm
  3. DL Size: 220 x 110mm
  4. A4 Size: 297 x 210mm
  5. A5 Size: 210 x 148mm
  6. 1/3 A4: 210 x 99mm

A4/C4 for delivering A4 items, A5/C5 for mailing A5 items, A6/C6 for sending A6 letters, DL for 3-Fold A4 letters. There are definitely a number of items you will be able to perform with various envelope sizes UK, for both business and personal use. For example, basic letters would do fine using a standard size, such as DL. This specific size is fantastic for documents that can be folded several times. C4 specifically, is fantastic for holding typical A4 paperwork, and it is a bit bigger than A4 to accommodate A4 size products.
Square envelopes UK also boast a range of unique effects, such as the kind of foil and pearlescent. You can then discover those with elegant paper lined inside or designs on the front.


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